It started from me entering poly and not really understanding some of the core subjects and I knew I needed help or else I might not be able to clear the subjects. So, my mum found me an exceptional tutor and he taught me very well. I was able to pick up the topics in the subject very quickly and excel at at them.

His explanations were very clear and so I was able to understand them very well. I was initially having problems with this subject called Circuit Analysis but with his help and clear explanations, it became really easy and I was able to score an A for it in my semester exam, which was even a shocker to me as I believed I only would have got a B or B+ at most for it!

He taught me another subject as well which was Digital Fundamentals and I found it really confusing at first as it was really different from anything I had ever learnt in the past. But with the help of Yong Guan, I was able to pick it up and scored a B+ for it in my semester exam.

It was good learning from him as he told me things to lookout for which was really useful to me and it helped me throughout the final paper. Overall, I would say Yong Guan is a very dedicated and amazing tutor and has helped me tremendously. I'm sure anyone who learns from him will not regret it.

Raj, first year Common Engineering student, Temasek Polytechnic
I have stopped sourcing for a better tuition agency and couldn’t have asked for a better tutor since I’ve found PolyEngineeringTutor. As a mother to a 17 year old, I have many experiences dealing with tuition agencies but my experience with PolyEngineeringTutor is an exceptional one. I am blessed having found Mr Tan Yong Guan after spending lots of effort scouting for an appropriate agency.

I wanted to help my daughter in engineering drawing using AutoCad software before she fell completely behind in her first year. I have been engaging PolyEngineeringTutor for two months now and we are extremely pleased with Mr Tan's services and professionalism.

With just one conversation over the phone, I was amazed and could immediately differentiate PolyEngineeringTutor from many others. Mr Tan immediately lifted all problems off my shoulders with his excellent social skills, expertise and his sincerity. He was very dedicated, ethical and very helpful.

PolyEngineeringTutor also showed genuine concern for its students with his weekly follow up calls making sure that we are satisfied with our tutor. My daughter’s engineering drawing using AutoCad sofftware has since improved and she has shown interest in not only the subject matter, but also in taking increased ownership of her work.

In today’s school environment where students seek role models with vision and integrity, PolyEngineeringTutor has led the way. An exemplary agency, we have truly benefitted from your expertise and professionalism.

Thank you Mr Tan, for connecting my child with the appropriate tutor. The level of your involvement and your approach are highly appreciated.

Mrs Yahaya, mother of a first year Architecture student in Ngee Ann Polytechnic


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