What differentiates us from other tuition centre/agency?

1. Specialised tutors for specialised modules (专业的导师)

- All our tutors are both a Polytechnic Engineering Graduate and University Engineering graduate who have attained excellent grades in the module they tutor.

2. Stringent selection process (严格的挑选)

- All our tutors have to go through a one to one interview to ensure that they are proficient in the module they wish to tutor.

3. Effective tutors for effective results (迅速,有效的进步)

Most of the students are able to grasp the Engineering concepts after attending the tuition and grades will at least improve by one grade, for example from B to A. For students who previously failed the particular modules, 90% of them would pass after attending the tuition.


Past Experience

            1. Circuit Analysis (Temasek Poly, EEE1001)
            2. Digital Fundamentals (Temasek Poly, EEE1003)
            3. Digital Fundamentals 2 (Temasek Poly)
            4. Intel 8051 Micro Controller Technonlogy (Ngee Ann Poly)
            5. Engineering Mathematics 1A,1B,2A,2B (Nanyang Poly, EG2682)
            6. Engineering Mathematics 1,2,3 (Temasek Poly EMA 1001,1002,2001)
            7. Engineering Mathematics 1 ,2A & 2B (Singapore Poly, MS4205/06, MS4121)
            8. Engineering Mathematics (Ngee Ann Poly, EG1, EG2, EM3A, EM3B)
            9. Electronic Devices (Temasek Poly)
            10. Principles of Electrical, Electronics Engineering ( SP ET 1005/1006 ,NP, TP, NYP)

If you wish to view the profiles of other PolyEnginTutors, email us at tutor@polyengineeringtutor.com and we will revert with suitable matches based on your requirements.

To engage a tutor on this page, email us at assignment@polyengineeringtutor.com or call +65 9087 7471 for more details.

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