Frequently Asked Questions (for students)

1. Your rates are quite expensive, is it possible to lower it?

Unlike secondary school and 'A' level curriculums, the range of modules differs for each polytechnic and hence extra preparatory work is required on our end before each lesson to ensure a meaningful and fruitful session. Our tutors are current undergraduates/graduates who have obtained excellent results in the module they are tutoring. Rest assured that you are paying for a premium service.

Also, PolyEngineeringTutor is currently charging at a rate commensurate with the tertiary status of polytechnic courses. Below is a rate chart of how tuition rates vary across academic levels.

Student Level Tutored by:
Undergraduates/Graduates Retired School Teachers
Polytechnic $100/Session onwards* $120/Session onwards*

*Rates above are an indicative range. Actual rates may vary depending on tutor's experience and the tutoring location.

2. How much do I have to pay to PolyEngineeringTutor vs. the tutor?

For the first month of tutoring, you will have to pay us 50% of the total fee as a commission and pay the tutor the remaining 50%. For subsequent months, the tutor will keep the full tuition fee. This is our administration fee and hence is non-negotiable.

3. Can I request extra notes from the tutor?

Yes, you can. However, do note that this is at the tutor’s discretion and it’s not compulsory for a tutor to provide extra notes to the tutee every lesson. Prior to each lesson, you are to send your set of lecture notes 4 days in advance to us so that the tutor can prepare the lesson materials beforehand.

4. How long will it take for PolyEngineeringTutor to find me a tutor?

Upon receiving your request, we will scan through our database to find a suitable match. It usually takes around 3 working days.

5. If the lesson is scheduled for today but for some reason I want to terminate now, will there be any penalty?

Upon signing the acceptance form, you have confirmed the assignment with us. In any case if you wish to terminate the assignment, you are to inform us 2 days in advance. Otherwise, you are liable to pay for the first lesson.


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